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    Rules of The Forum

    Please Read the rules before you post.

    No CP
    No Lolicon
    No Scat
    No Illegal stuff
    No bloodly pics
    No Web Address or e-mails in pics
    No xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
    No Jab
    No warez---trading of illegal software or cracks or passwords this includes games

    Posting or requesting such content can and will get you banned for life

    p.s. just because content is allowed by other places or deemed legal by courts will not make it acceptable here!

    rules here are made by Administrator and the webmaster and owner Tiger
    These rules are in place to keep hentaispy free and easy to use

    Forum Rules

    1. No Child Porn--- this means no real Pictures of anyone under 18---clothed or not

    2. You can post toon images as long as they look 13 or older....if they look like babies and children and under 13 then no you can not post it.

    3. This is a Moderated Forum. All Members posts are Moderated and need to be approved before they appear on the site.

    4. You must be 18 years old to be a member---do not represent yourself as being a minor ---even in a role playing post. Your Year of birth must appear in your user profile or your membership may be removed or access limited

    5. No Copyrighted material may be posted.

    6. No Flaming of other members---If you can not say anything nice about a post--Try saying nothing.

    7. No Spamming---this is not a place for your links to help you make money--you will be banned the first time it happens.

    8. Do not reveal or threaten to reveal personal information about another member.

    9. Do not hot link to other sites, unless it is an image host or other type of site that allows this, otherwise it is stealing bandwidth

    10. Personal threats of bodily harm will not be tolerated.

    11. Moderators reserve the right to move any thread to the appropriate forum. Also remove, edit or close any thread as they deem necessary.

    12. Members are allowed to Post Content Links in their Posts on the Forum. IF YOU POST A NON-CONTENT LINK TO YOUR SITE THEN YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED 1 IN THE SIGNATURE.

    13. Requests---request all you like---but do it in the Request forum---and it does not mean it will be answered.

    14. Rules are subject to change as the need arises.

    Now lets go have some fun and Post and Party
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