View Poll Results: What is your favourite fetish?

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  • Hentai - well duh.

    171 47.24%
  • Cum/Bukkake

    82 22.65%
  • Foot

    25 6.91%
  • Pregnant/Birth

    52 14.36%
  • Mature

    37 10.22%
  • Bondage/S&M

    44 12.15%
  • Cosplay/Dress-up

    59 16.30%
  • Dildo/Penetration

    45 12.43%
  • Beastiality

    94 25.97%
  • Other

    99 27.35%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Well, that might be it. I honestly don't know much at the moment, I'm... let's go with "lonely"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint View Post
    I have made the poll multiple choice but please really think before you answer!
    - If you select the "other" option can you tell us what the fetish is please!

    So I was thinking, whats everyones fetish? What turns you on, what turns you off?

    Don't be shy, ill start everyone off...

    I love bukkake, that is probably one of my most perverted fetishes, Im also like seing at anal, and DP, I have this thing about asian chicks too.

    So whats everyone like or dislike? (lets not be judgemental here people)
    I think its quite interesting to hear...
    What turns me on the most is dogs and tentacles. I don't know why, but I just absolutely love seeing a woman get nailed by a dog. It's my #1 fetish. And seeing a woman get "knotted" by a dog just drives me wild. Tentacles are my second favourite fetish.

    Also, call me "old fashioned" if you must, but I have a thing for blondes.

    The thing that turns me off the most is anal. I'm just really not into it.

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    College girls getting fucked in the ass, especially if it's their first time...

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    College girls getting fucked up the ass



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